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     U-RENT-IT-WE-MOVE-U LLC was established in 2010 by owner/operator Timothy Washington as a way to earn extra money on a part-time basis after consulting with a friend that worked for Uhaul rental truck company.

     At the time I was doing contract courier work out of a cargo van delivering thousands of pounds of oil field equipment and dialysis fluids by myself on a daily basis. I reasoned helping people load and unload their rental trucks wouldn't be that much of a stretch from what I was already doing. And the rest is history.

     The name U-RENT-WE-MOVE-U came about as a descriptive way to define the services our moving company would offer in one word and to offer a complimentary service for people that rented Uhaul trucks. 

     U-RENT-IT-WE-MOVE-U is an alternative to the traditional moving company. Our goal is to provide our clients with neat, clean, and professional movers at a fraction of the cost of a traditional moving company, by allowing our clients to pick the amount of service that they feel they need. 

     If a client need labor only we can accommodate them and provide the same level of efficiency as a traditional moving company, given our movers come equipped with light tools to aid with disassembly and reassembly of furniture, dollies, shrink wrap, tape and strap to secure a client's belongings on their truck. 

     In addition, if a client choose not to rent a truck, but need a truck we can provide a truck at a set price that is equivalent to renting a truck from a rental truck company when you factor in all cost -- daily rental rate, mileage fee, fuel replacement, blanket rental, and dollies.

     Further, to provide more value to its clients U-RENT-IT-WE-MOVE-U elected to book moves as late as between 3 and 5 pm (arrival window) to work within the time constraints of our clients work schedule; we understand that everyone don't have the luxury of being able to miss a day of work to move. 

    Also we offer full disclosure regarding our pricing schedule to give our clients the opportunity to factor in all the cost associated with their upcoming move. Our goal is to allow potential clients the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding the level of service they need based on their budget.

    In addition, our web site allow you to schedule a moving service in real time via our "Book It Now" button.  


Timothy (Tim) Washington


Being Knowledgeable, Care, Strength, Endurance, Efficiency, and Customer Satisfaction is my #1 Priority. 

If your have a question regarding your upcoming move give me a call even if your decide that your moving situation is not a good fit for our company. I may be able to help. 

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